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[ Program Director ]

Angelica Cheng

Hey, I’m Angelica! I grew up in Hong Kong, but my family is originally from the Philippines! I’m currently studying electrical engineering at Tufts university. When I’m not losing sleep to school, I love to hike, eat, and jam on guitar and the ukulele! During a high school trip in 2018, I had the privilege to visit an invisible and marginalized community: the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp. We got to meet the principal and students of the Mae Ra Moe Junior College (MRMJC) and learned more about the refugee crisis on the Thai-Burmese border. When we returned, my friends and I started talking about our time in the camp, all the stories we’ve heard, and the urgent need to take action. Eventually, our restless energy for change manifested into the beginnings of Karing Frontiers!

[ Communications Director ]

Cosima Lesca

I spent a month abroad in Peru doing community service.The programme I was travelling with had ties to a school located in one of the more impoverished sectors of Peru. I spent my week there teaching english and building classrooms while having the opportunity to talk to some of the school's alumni. They shared how deeply grateful to the school they were for getting an education and of the work opportunities that followed thanks to having graduated. When my own school year started anew, I had a conversation with my friend Angelica who recounted her trip to Thailand and told me of her idea of supporting a school in the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp as a senior project. Hearing her passion as well as having seen first hand how beneficial an education can be, I told her I wanted to be a part of it. Fast forward to the present, I am immensely proud to say this is now far bigger than just a highschool idea. For the second year in a row, we have helped maintain the resources that these students need to empower themselves towards leadership and change within their community.

[ Marketing Director ]

Ekisha Basu

One of the qualities I have always admired and tried to imbibe is altruism. When Angelica came to me with her story of her visit to the Karen refugee camp, the forthcoming issues of the MRMJC, and how compelled she felt about finding a way to support the students. I immediately began to share the urge to take action. The three of us were aware that what we were venturing into a bigger and unfamiliar space, but we were determined to learn how we could be a part of the school’s mission to empower the MRMJC students. As three people who have been privileged with education, we felt that it was in our duty to help secure resources for these amazing students so they can continue to work towards a hope for a happier future. Supporting the students of the Mae Ra Moe Junior College has been an inspiring journey that I am grateful to be a part of.

[ Web-developer ]

Jude Cornish

I found Karing Frontiers through my friend, a co-founder of the charity, Cosima. I was truly inspired and wanted to do whatever I could to help the cause alongside them. In the grand scheme of things, global charities raise considerably more than we do year on year. But its not about the grand scheme of things. The impact Karing Frontiers has on the 60 students at MRMJC is truly life-changing, not to mention the wider influence of those students as they grow and develop to grow their community further. I am very proud to be a part of that movement.

What is my role as a Web Developer?

To aid the cause, I have developed the site you are viewing from scratch for free. I wanted there to be a clear and secure platform for people to make donations and to tell the story of the Karen people and what Karing Frontiers are doing to help them.

A key feature of the site is a completely custom payment flow with Stripe integration. It uses variable amounts and server side session generation. I did all of this and even paid for the hosting and domain of the site out of my own pocket, I'm truly 100% behind the cause.

I am available for hire, please visit my website for more details:

[ Co-Director of Development ]

Benny Berkenkotter

Hi! I’m Benny Berkenkotter and I’m currently a Junior Environmental Science Major at the University of Vermont. I have been a part of Karen Frontiers since 2019, where I visited the Karen refugee camp and got to help with taking photos and videos of the students and teaching English in the MRMJC. Now I help with coordinating fundraising strategies to keep the schools in the refugee camps afloat. My goal with Karing Frontiers is to give the Karen education system a stable and worry-free future so that the future generations of the Karen people also have a chance to become staples in modern-day society. My hobbies include rock climbing, both indoors and outdoors, hiking, taking photos, and pretty much anything that gets me out in nature. A fun fact about me is that I pour milk before the cereal.

[ Co-Director of Development ]

Laura Na

Hello! I’m Laura, I’m going to be graduating highschool in a few months (yay!) I’ve been a part of Karing Frontiers since 2019, going with Angelica and Benny to the Karen refugee camps to deliver materials and help teach english at MRMJC. I’m now helping with promoting Karing Frontiers with social media, raising awareness on the issue of Karen refugees, and assisting on other fundraising projects. I really love this organization and cannot wait to return to the camps again. Outside of Karing Frontiers, I’m studying psychology in college. My hobbies include listening to music, hanging out with friends, and watching movies.

[ Program Associate ]

Janice Shen

I went on a service trip in An Hui a few years back to help out in the local community. During the summer, we went to visit programs started by local, compassionate elders to gather left-behind children. Talking to their leaders, I realized I want to be like them; that no matter what the circumstances or hardships are, to help people have the opportunity to learn and grow. When I returned to Hong Kong, I always felt I needed to get involved in something and use my time and energy on a good cause. And this perfect chance came when my friends at school invited me to join Karing Frontiers and connected me with this amazing team.

[ Digital Marketing Associate ]

Keilyn Tai

Hi everyone!!! I’m Keilyn!!! I am originally from Hong Kong but am currently studying in Japan with plans to go the the US for university. I come from a huge family and really enjoy playing sports! Personally, a 2018 visit to the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp led to earnest research on the Karen people and the refugee problem. My wish is to be even the smallest bit of help to the Karen youth currently in these camps. If you are interested, I hope you’ll consider joining the cause!

[ Graphic Designer ]

April Ieong

My name is April, and I first learned about Karen refugees during a school trip in 2019. During that trip, I had a chance to visit the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp as well as teach at the MRMJC. After listening to students talk about their goals for the future, I became aware of how privileged I was to have education, and quickly developed a passion for the issue. Surprised by the lack of support Karen refugees received, I decided to join Karing Frontiers, and I hope that I can help build a better future for the Karen through providing education and raising awareness about the issue.

  • [ Graphic Designer ]

    Aujin Kim

    I’m Aujin, and this issue sparked my interest because I’m invested in providing education to those in need. As someone who is privileged enough to receive education, I realised how important this privilege is to the Karen refugees for building their future.