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"Empowering refugee and migrant youth through their education"

2022 Fundraising

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$15,007 USD

Amount raised

$48,200 USD

Final year student at the PTMJC

Saw Tar K’Baw Doh,

“I am currently learning the teaching process, but I don’t want to be a teacher. But one thing I know is if one day if I become a doctor, an engineer, a politician - I will have to teach to share my knowledge to my new generation.”

2nd year student at TJC

Naw Paw Lar

“I have realized that my thinking is changing which leads me to be a good leader. I want to say there is quote said ‘people who do not change their thinking cannot change anything in their lives.’ So, I am willing to become the one who is able to change the community’s thought.”

2nd year student at KLJC

Naw Su Thay

“I believe that I have changed as a person during my time at school…I learned I must be able to not avoid difficulty as a leader.”

5$ (USD) provides one student notebooks for an entire academic year.

$62 USD (or 560HKD) is all it takes to sponsor one student for a year

We have sponsored 1399 students and provided teaching stipends to 60 staff members